About Us…

Why we named our shop “Granny’s Dime”…

My granny was a sweet, funny, and thrifty granny. When I was a little girl, she saved dimes in a tootsie roll bank until it was full. It held just over $61 dollars in dimes. When it was full she would call my momma and we would all go thrift shopping with those dimes. We went to yard sales and various thrift stores. Her favorite was Thrift Town before it closed down on Jacksboro Highway in the Town & Country shopping center. My granny had a knack for finding treasures at great prices and had no problems haggling for a good deal. Then when the day was through she would take home her treasures, keep a few, put a few away for gifts, and then… SELL the rest to her neighbors! I suppose that is where I found my love for reselling and vintage goodies.

After years of working for other people, I am very blessed to be able to share my granny’s love for treasure hunting in our shop Granny’s Dime. The shop was officially ours the day after what would have been her 94th birthday! The hubby and I are very happy to be a part of the community and look forward to sharing treasures with you all (in honor of my Granny) for years to come.

Happy treasure hunting! ♥

All about our little shop…

Granny’s Dime is a fun shopping experience for all ages featuring antiques, vintage items, crafted decor and gifts from local artisans and products from some of your favorite in-demand product lines. We have over 30 vendors that offer something different at every turn! Some of the booths include a large clothing area that offers gently-loved and brand new clothing items from newborn to plus sizes, a kitchenette area that features both new and vintage kitchenware/decor, refurbished furniture pieces, antiques, vintage items and even a Paparazzi booth full of shiny $5 jewelry!! That doesn’t begin to cover it!! There is just so much to see!

So come on in and bring your quarters so you can sip on a cold soda from our vintage Coca-Cola machine while shopping for treasures. The machine isn’t for sale, but you can grab a cold bottle of Coca-Cola (or Sprite/Fanta/Barg’s and more) for only $1.25.

Oh! And you can even have your Wish orders shipped here! We are on a commercial delivery route, so your items will be shipped faster here than on a residential route and you won’t have to worry about your packages disappearing off your porch!! Don’t know what Wish is? My goodness! Check it out here and use our code when you sign up!

www.Wish.com and use code: XPXJGZT when you make your first purchase! You will even get a discount on your order for using our code!

Whether picking up a package, looking for something specific or just looking for a little shopping, make sure you check in on Facebook and say a little something about what you are up to or what treasure you found at our little shop. When you do you’ll get to spin the wheel and win a prize!!

If your kiddos come shopping with you, we offer a little kids corner they can sit in and play with toys, or read a book. In fact, they can even take a book home from our red barn bookshelf as a thank you for being so kind while they visited our store. In fact – if your little one has books at home that need to be given to new readers, they can donate them to our little red barn bookshelf for other little readers to choose from. When they make a donation, we will give them a little thank you gift! 🙂

Also, it is very important to note that we collect dimes each month & donate to a charity in honor of our Granny – so please bring your extra dimes and drop them in the tootsie-roll canister at the register!

See you soon! ♥

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  1. The story of your granny was heartwarming. You’re blessed to have had her for so long. My family teases me because when I find change it’s always a dime 😂. Thank you for sharing your story.

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