Who wants a FREE booth at our next event?!

Well… shoot dang! It looks like we are going to have to cancel our Lover’s Lane Valentine’s show this weekend due to the low temps. We haven’t announced it officially yet, because you know… Texas, so stay tuned. We will make an official announcement 24 hours before our event should start. So by 10:00 am this Friday, February 12th, we will make the official announcement on our Facebook page and the event page.

With that being said we are looking forward to a full year of great events! We are in the process of booking our events now and are looking for some new venue spots! So….

If you are a crafter, hobbyist, direct sales consultant, business owner, etc. and want to potentially be a vendor or sponsor at one of our following shows, make sure you hop over and fill out our vendor info form!! https://forms.gle/XadqYdWbH1hYREh46 (This will open in a new window!)

The information you share with us on that form is 100% confidential. It will not be shared with customers or any other business. We will only use it to contact you for show information.

We have several tentative show dates and will be announcing official show dates and themes soon. We just need to determine if they will be held at our home base in White Settlement by our shop or if they will be at a different location in the DFW area.

If you have or know someone that has a venue (especially indoors) we would love to be sent that contact information! You can send it to us in our private messenger: m.me/grannysdime. (That will open a new window as well.) We would love to send you a little thank you gift for any venue that you refer to us and we wind up adding to our list of venues. So make sure you fill out our vendor info form so we have your mailing address!

Speaking of referrals – we also offer vendor referrals! If you refer a new vendor to us and they book and hold a booth at the event, you will receive a $10 voucher off of the cost of a future booth! No limit! Every new vendor you send our way that qualifies will get you $10 off a booth of your own! So you could potentially get a free booth at a future event if you rack up enough voucher dollars! A new vendor is someone that has never booked a booth with us. They must book and pay for a booth to qualify. Get someone to sponsor an event and you will receive a $1 voucher – again NO LIMIT!! Vouchers are not good for cash, they are only good toward the rental of booth space or sponsorship at a future event and expire one year from the date of issue.

What is a sponsor you ask?! Essentially it is a company or group that want to support our show. At this time we only have 2 levels of sponsorship.
Current vendors: $7
Outside companies: $20

Vendors at each show have the opportunity to upgrade from a Vendor to a Sponsor for an additional $7. Outside companies that will not have a booth at the event can be a Sponsor for $20.

What does this include? Simple, when you become a sponsor you will need to give us 50 of something that represents your business to include in our VIP gift bags. It can be a simple as a business card or flyer with a little candy treat or it can be a product sample or in some cases a full size product that isn’t too costly. We will distribute them in our VIP gift bags. The customers compete for these at our events!

It is important to note that we do not allow competing Direct Sales booths or sponsorships. For example, if we have an Avon booth at an event, we will not allow a different Avon rep to be a sponsor for the show. This is against most direct sales company policies and we want to keep everything on the up and up. 🙂 However, crafters are a bit different. We will not allow EXACT competing booths or sponsorships. With crafting there is a little wiggle room because crafting can be different. It is considered on a case by case basis and always has the best interest of our vendors at heart.

That’s it! Thank you gifts. Referral vouchers. Free booths. VIP gift bags. What’s not to love about this blogpost?!

Wanna give it a share? Thanks gorgeous! ♥

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